Prime Group is an international group focused on Engineering, Innovation & Digital Transformation.

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In Prime Group, counting with over 3100 engineers, we are passionate about innovation. We believe that technology and digital transformation can impact positively people's lives, and we want to be a part of that change.


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Mission & Vision

We believe that we exist to enhance the development of the markets where we operate in. Side by side with our clients and our people, we create value to transform their businesses.

Our Mission is to enhance the development of the markets where we operate in through innovation and digital transformation as a way of creating value and transforming organizations.

We continue investing in acquiring new skills and know how in different areas to develop our people.  For that reason, we know that our success is only possible with the outstanding experts that represent us every day.

Our vision is to help the best professionals to develop their skills in order to transform the world through technology.

As Prime Group, we want to drive innovation, engineering and digital transformation across Europe and elevate our client’s business potential by leading them to improve and change the way they get things done — from team’s management, to entire departments and procedures.

It’s our aim to seek excellence in the engineering field with the contribution of our team of engineering consultants. We have a wide range of innovative engineering consulting services  that focus on diligent problem solving in order to find the best approach to your project.

Digital Transformation is key when thinking about a company’s strategy that can respond effectively to new market’s demands. Although it can be a great challenge, it also offers a myriad of new business opportunities and dramatically increases the profits potential.

We know that Innovation plays an important part when talking about a company’s success regarding how it manages to stay relevant and updated in a landscape full of competitors.

This is the reason why at Prime Group we work on Digital Transformation and Innovation across different sectors: Energy & Environment, Aeronautics, Space, Life Sciences, Automotive, Public Sector, Banking & Insurance, Retail & Consumer Service, Rail, Cybersecurity, Real Estate, and Naval.


To achieve a positive impact on our partnership results through technology.


To gain the ability to see beyond what has been achieved and challenge ourselves every day.


We do our job with passion and that is our secret ingredient.


Boosting our teams' motivation and skills while helping businesses thrive.

Why Prime Group

A great Place to Work & Happiness Works

Throughout these 17 years of experience our companies have been recognized with different awards concerning our culture and happiness at work.

Multicultural Environment and Brands

Prime Group has several companies based around Europe with different cultures, values and strategies but always sharing the same mindset of an engaging and collaborative atmosphere.

Flexible Workplace

Regarding your role and responsibilities, you will have different workplace options – either remote work or work at our fantastic offices.

Scalable Career Opportunities

Prime Group has career opportunities in several areas, like Engineering, IT and Management. We have a team of +150 Recruiters around Europe that can help you improve your career path.

Employee Care Department

We invest in the happiness of our people and constantly work to reach a high level of commitment with our team members.

Career Mobility

We work under a logic of continuity, and we know that throughout your life your motivations and ambition change. That is why we have our internal mobility programs where you can shift your career.

Investment in your Growth

At our corporate universities, we invest in behavioral, technical and linguistic training. We will help you achieve your goals through training and coaching.

Technology is our Key

We have Keywork as an element for a successful business transformation and an all-in-one-talent management platform.

Attractive benefits package

We are attentive to market trends and our offer always seeks to align with the needs of our employees. We have different benefits and very interesting bonus systems.

Financial Stability

We had revenue of 155M in 2022. Our success and financial stability is a mirror of our dedication to our people and business.