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In order to remain competitive, the Defense & Naval Sector must embrace digital transformation.

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Defense & Naval Sector

The Defense industry has grown in recent years with the prevalence of cyberattacks, terrorism, military conflict, and concerns regarding privacy and security.
Due to that, the defense sector and the naval industry must harness the full power of digital innovation if it wishes to remain competitive and help position the defense and naval sector as strategic industries for world leaders.
The defense customer is increasingly expecting  innovative solutions, which implies defense and naval industries to become more and more digital, despite just a few building a robust digital and analytics portfolio (BCG).

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Defense and Naval Industry Technology

The naval industry sector must strengthen the development of innovative solutions in the maritime transport and shipbuilding market as well. This will enable the acceleration of the scale Navy and the quality of its strategies regarding the global supply chain.

Machine learning, cybersecurity and AI can potentiate surveillance and shape the future of global security and, at the same time, help missions to succeed. Innovation and disruptive technologies can also improve decision making leading to useful operations.

In the Defense and Naval sector, innovation and digital transformation have the potential to develop new ways of sharing information and strategic insights while improving business decisions.

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