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It can be said that the most innovative step for humankind was reaching for the stars.

space sector

Space Sector

Reaching space was maybe the most innovative step for humankind. Looking for the stars has always been a man’s mark through the times. Dreaming of all the possibilities of a distant world and creating legends and myths has led to space exploration where all the boundaries were pushed, and innovation took place.

The impact of space exploration on industries and institutions was huge and led to the adoption of profound transformations in terms of organization, technologies and innovation with direct impact on markets regarding the way they’re organized, how the products were made and distributed.

The Space Sector is facing a disruptive transformation due to the advances in technology, the decline of launch costs and increasing investment, both public and private. A massive growth in the revenue generated by the space industry is expected.

How can we add value to your Space Company?

+ 100 Space Engineers
We have a team of highly skilled professionals.

Services delivered around Europe
We have more than 20 offices based around Europe.

Sector and Business Knowledge
Technical know-how of the space sector and expertise to find the best solutions for your business.

 Production Process Optimization
A dedicated team will help your business to reduce launch costs, increase the satellite constellation capacity, improve and optimize cost’s production through R&D.

Gained throughout more than 16 years working towards innovation and digital transformation in the space industry.

Our Space Sector Solutions
Nearshore, Engineering and Technology Consulting, R&D, Software Development.

Opportunities in the space industry

Due to the visible impact of space exploration, governments and also non-governmental organizations were extremely interested and open regarding the space industry.

According to ESRE, the space sector is now facing a huge transformation in which new players from all parts of the world are entering the sector, paving the way for “space economy” growth. In fact, there is now a wide range of possibilities regarding navigation, tracking of devices and people, or located based services.

Space companies are facing a lot of challenges nowadays and are suffering from pressure to reduce costs or shorten the product development cycle, to develop the capacity to exploit and share all the data that is collected from scientific observation and telecommunication satellites with solutions in Cloud Computing, Big Data, signal security and visualization.

Is your company ready to enter a new era of space exploration?

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