Keywork is a product that allows an efficient management of human resources processes.


The Benefits

A talent, business management and staffing tool combined with business intelligence fully created and developed by Affinity.

In fact, Keywork was designed to simplify hiring and management processes by making them more agile, but also to enhance the team’s communication and improve projects and businesses workflow. Since the recruitment process gathers a lot of information and tasks, Keywork was created to help simplify all these procedures in order to facilitate recruitment team’s effort and allow them to engage more with the candidate’s and find the right people.

Keywork’s features:

01 Sourcing and screening

Set up a database of candidates that can be easily organized and maintained.

02 Job opening management

You can match candidate pool with customer requirements and needs in order to improve response time and suitability to each job opportunity.

03 Staffing

Improve employee's career management.

04 Analytics

Data is the core of right decisions. You can have access to reports and KPI in order to take the best decisions.

05 Navigation

You can have an overview of your business performance.

06 Candidate Portal

Candidates can submit their CV and apply to specific jobs with a high level of security.

Why speaking about our Keywork offer?

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It makes the hiring process simpler and less complex.

One single database where you can register, manage, and match opportunities.

Match your candidates’ profile with your customer’s needs.


A secure product and GDPR Compliant.


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