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Two of the happiest companies to work for in Portugal are Prime Group companies.

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July 15, 2021

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Happiness works

Both Ytech and Smart Consulting were recognized in the top 20 as two of the happiest companies to work at.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, organizations have been facing true challenges when it comes to new working ways in a world that is constantly changing. Despite all this, it is possible to find happy companies to work for in Portugal. Two of the happiest companies to work for in Portugal are, in fact, Prime Group companies. Both Ytech and Smart Consulting were recognized in the top 20 as two of the happiest companies to work at.

In fact, Prime Group has been very fortunate with this recognition as over the years it has had  several companies in the group  achieving recognition as  happy workplaces.

This recognition was the result of a survey conducted by Happiness Works. The aim of this study is to  find out the level of happiness of organizations in Portugal. The organization’s level of happiness can be found by taking some factors into account: organizational happiness, employees’ happiness with the organization and happiness of employees with the role they perform.

One of the great conclusions of this study, which has been carried out over the years, is that there is a direct correlation between happy employees and organizational profitability.

Even with the pandemic, it was possible to verify that companies managed to adapt by achieving their goals while ensuring the emotional balance and well-being of their employees, thus contributing to an increase in happiness at work.

According to the Happiness Works study, for an employee to feel happy in an organization, he/she must feel satisfied, motivated and engaged.

So, how can companies achieve happiness at work?

One of the things that contributes the most to happiness in an organization is a good internal environment, recognition and trust, the possibility of personal development and adequate remuneration for the function.

With regard to happiness in the job, what contributes most is the involvement with the job performed, personal development, recognition and respect, a good working environment, remuneration and well-defined goals that allow you employees to keep their focus.

Happy employees are key when considering  business growth. In fact, people who are happier at work perform better and are more willing to contribute to the organization’s growth since they find true meaning and purpose in their functions. They are better at handling stress or setbacks since they perform in a positive way, and they’re also recognized by their colleagues as being supportive and empathetic.

This survey conducted by Happiness Works also shows that happiness in organizations helps build a positive attitude that can be the driver towards innovation and inspiration contributing to solidify a company’s culture and team bonding.

The importance of Happiness Works’ recognition by the team:

“Innovative”,” family”, “united” are some of the words used by the Ytech team members to describe the company. They all share the same values and willingness to achieve a common goal: “We are extremely proud to be recognized as one of the top 20 happiest places to work by Happiness Works!

In our first year we managed to be selected amongst 300 companies that applied for the ranking.

Thanks to everyone who made this ranking possible and especially to our wonderful team who dedicates their time and talents to tech.

Thank you!”


Also, Smart Consulting recognizes the value of this distinction by Happiness Works: “It is with a great sense of responsibility that we were distinguished for another year as one of the happiest companies to work for in Portugal.

This award confirms the journey we’ve made so far, our commitment and the work of our team. We believe that happiness goes hand in hand with success.”

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