The Importance of Dedicated Development Teams in Nearshore Projects

Nearshore development teams facilitate real-time collaboration and seamless communication.


June 29, 2023

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dedicated development teams

Dedicated development teams develop projects with total responsibilities. In this model, we control the delivery of KPIs and SLAs defined with the client.

Dedicated development teams are an essential aspect of nearshore software development. The advantages of choosing a nearshore partner are vast, diverging from budgetary reasons to culture alignment and facilitated communication and cooperation. Having a dedicated development team helps provide clients with a well-oiled development process, in the development front as well as in the communication and collaboration point a view.

What are nearshore development teams?

Nearshore development teams are groups of specialized technological engineers who world together to provide solutions for companies in nearby countries.

Nearshore services are beneficial for clients that require real-time collaboration, but not necessarily face-to-face. Nearshore partners allow companies to scale their teams and projects easily with no additional costs. As such, they present clients a multitude of benefits.

What are the advantages of working with a dedicated development team in nearshore projects?

Real-Time Collaboration

Nearshore software development is most often looked for companies with projects requiring real-time collaboration. By outsourcing services to nearby countries companies have the advantage of sharing similar time-zone, thus sharing the workday. This facilitates collaboration and communications.

Multidisciplinary Development Teams

Dedicated development teams have the advantage of being composed of different people with different roles and expertise. A multidisciplinary approach helps leverage successful projects and is made easier when resorting to IT consulting services. 

Efficient Workflow

Nearshore development centers are dedicated to sustaining their clients needs. That entails ensuring complete alignment and understanding between the nearshore software development team and the company. Smooth communication, cultural alignment, trust, and adaptability are essential aspect for guaranteeing a smooth workflow. Moreover, having a partner dedicated to assembling the best team for your project will help you meet timelines without sacrificing expertise.

Better Communication

Dedicated development teams are keen on making sure their partners have the best possible outcome, and this entails good communication skills. Popular nearshore destinations, such as Portugal or Poland have high rates of English fluency, which allows for better communication with clients.

Better Access & Control

Nearshoring allows you to regulate your resource allocation as needed. Having a dedicated development team allocated to your project allows for a high level of scalability and adaptability, which facilitates the development of your project. When it comes to nearshore vs offshore, nearshore is allows you to have more control over your project and better access to every stage of its development.

Expansion into New Markets

Nearshoring can help businesses expand into new markets. Having a nearshore partner in a country where you are looking to expand your business can help you establish yourself in that market. Moreover, nearshore service providers are accustomed to working with different clients from different business landscapes. Having a good relationship with your nearshore partner and a dedicated development team might be helpful in getting insights and tips from the market where you are trying to insert your company.

Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Nearshoring can help businesses achieve a better return on investment. Nearshore services allow for cost reduction, access to a large talent pool and a capable, efficient, and knowledgeable workforce. This means that a dedicated development team in your nearshore project can help get a better return on investment, as results will be achieved in lesser time for lesser money.

What is the difference between nearshore vs offshore teams?

As explained before, nearshore software development refers to when companies assign their IT services to consulting firms in neighboring countries. The main difference between nearshore vs offshore services is location and collaboration.

Nearshoring happens between companies in neighboring countries, while in offshore outsourcing companies outsource software development services to countries in far off locations, often in different time-zones and continents.

This being said, offshore and nearshore software development each come with their particular and independent set of advantages. Businesses who value cooperation, close communication, and professional expertise usually opt for a nearshore partner. Companies or projects who need 24/7 availability, for example often opt for offshore services, as time zone differences facilitate this process.

How to set up a dedicated development team with the support of a nearshore partner?

Choosing a nearshore partner is a complicated task, as this choice can determine the success of your project, as well as the timeline and associated cost. When choosing a nearshore service provider you should bear in mind some aspects.


Compatibility is essential in any business relationship, but even more so when developing a project that is tailored for the client’s specific needs. Make sure your future partner shares your work ethic and culture to ensure a good work environment.

Tehnical expertise

Identify your top technical needs and check the provider’ experience. Having a dedicated development team is as much dependent on compatibility and communication as it is on technical expertise.


Efficient communication is key to the success of any partnership. Choosing a nearshore partner comes with the advantage a good command of the English language and availability during your business hours.


Choosing a nearshore partner in a nearby country can help ensure that there are no significant time zone differences and that communication is efficient. Moreover, in the event of needing to travel, it can facilitate travel efforts.

Company culture

A nearshore partner that shares your company’s values and culture is probably a better fit for your project.

What are some common services provided by nearshore partners?

IT consulting is still one of the most commonly outsourced services, but this trend is being adopted by other services as well. Nearshore development centers provide IT consulting services, including technology consulting, software architecture consulting, and project management consulting, and many others.

Furthermore, Prime Group’s nearshore development centers offer a multitude of services including, software development, QA and testing, infrastructure, digital, engineering, embedded systems, enterprise software, business intelligence, and service desk.

Besides the amplitude of services and technologies Prime Group’s nearshore service providers offer, our teams can work in three different approaches:

Team as a Service

We create specialized and tailored teams, in collaboration with the client, to undertake specific projects that the client does not have the capacity to develop in-house.

Managed Services

Dedicated development teams develop projects with total responsibilities. In this model, we control the delivery of KPIs and SLAs defined with the client.

Team Extension

Companies resort to one of our IT consulting firms to hire either consultants or specialized teams in order to expand their existing teams.


The Benefits of Nearshore Development Teams: The advantages of nearshore software development, include real-time collaboration, multidisciplinary teams, efficient workflows, better communication, access and control, market expansion, and improved return on investment.

Nearshore vs. Offshore: Understanding the differences between nearshore and offshore teams, include location, collaboration, and the factors influencing the choice between the two for software development projects.

Setting Up a Dedicated Development Team with a Nearshore Partner: Key considerations when selecting a nearshore partner include compatibility, technical expertise, communication, location, and company culture alignment, to establish an effective and successful dedicated development team.

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication: Nearshore development teams facilitate real-time collaboration and seamless communication through shared time zones and language proficiency, leading to improved project outcomes.

Scalability and Adaptability: The advantages of nearshore development teams in terms of resource allocation, scalability, and adaptability, allow companies to meet project timelines without compromising on expertise or quality.

Expanding into New Markets with Nearshore Partners: Partnering with a nearshore service provider can aid businesses in expanding into new markets by leveraging local insights, establishing a presence, and benefiting from the partner’s experience with diverse clients and business landscapes.

Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) with Nearshore Services: Nearshore services contribute to a better return on investment by reducing costs, accessing a skilled workforce, and achieving project goals in a shorter timeframe.

Common Services Offered by Nearshore Partners: There is a wide range of services provided by nearshore partners, including IT consulting, software development, QA and testing, infrastructure, digital solutions, engineering, embedded systems, enterprise software, business intelligence, and service desk.

dedicated development teams

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