Prime Group named in the The Sunday Times Fast Track

We are delighted to announce this distinction from Sunday Times.

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June 24, 2021

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This distinction is a recognition of our effort and work.

Prime Group has been distinguished as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the The Sunday Times Profit Track.

The league table ranks the top 100 private companies that were able to achieve the fastest growing profits in the last three years. We proudly appear in the 39th position of the league table with a 63% annual profit growth.

The Sunday Times Fast Track rewards with this recognition the companies that positively impacted and contributed to the national economy, and, with that, were able to support vital public sectors.

Although the last year was a very demanding and challenging one, Prime Group has continued to pave the road to success. The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact not only in our lives but also throughout the global economy, so, to keep growing despite all this uncertainty, was, by itself, an incredible reward. The Fast-Track nomination and recognition by The Sunday Times arrived as a validation of all our efforts over the past times.

The importance of the Fast-Track nomination 

The companies featured in the league table were distinguished not only by their profits but also by their main actions, that make possible to achieve those places of recognition by The Sunday Times. The companies that are our partners in this distinction, have been actively searching for creative and innovative solutions to keep growing despite the hard and unpredictable times we are facing.

Prime Group was able to face this crisis with resilience, creativity, and innovation while looking to create an inspiring path to success, side by side with the right people.

 Prime Group company growth: our pillars 

“Innovation and people, side by side “is, in fact, our main motto. This is what guides us to perform better every day. We believe in the power of innovation to improve company performance.  This allows us to have a clear innovation strategy and, at the same time, to support our clients to digitally transform their business and processes.

Our people are also what allowed us to reach this high level of performance. We are always searching for the best talent because we have a clear vision of the importance of recruiting the right people, and we know how it can improve not only our results as a company, but also our partners’ business performance.

At Prime Group we prospect for the best partners and seek collaboration to reach the best results. We invest in innovation because we firmly believe it’s the engine that leads us to a brighter future.  At Prime Group we are always improving our talent pool, which, for us, is our secret ingredient to reach success.

fast track

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