Enhancing Software Asset Management and App Development

Prime Engineering Poland plays a pivotal role in Software Asset Management and Application Development of this insurance company, contributing with their experience to support SAM efforts and the development of their applications.

Case Study

June 20, 2024

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The implementation of SAM brought about a structured approach to license management, significantly improving transparency and accountability.

Prime Engineering Poland is working with a leading insurance company operating in the insurance sector. With a strong focus on client relationships and technological innovation, the client continuously seeks to optimize its operations and services. The drive for keeping positive customer relationships, and the drive for optimization, make the companies a great partnership.

In this case study we will dive into Prime Engineering Poland’s role in enhancing Software Asset Management and in application development.


– Prime Engineering Poland collaborated with a leading non-life insurance company to enhance software asset management and application development.

– The project spanned over a year, involving a Software Asset Manager and a Fullstack Developer.

– The Software Asset Manager was responsible for organizing license management, established communication channels with vendors and users, and implemented SAM protocols.

– The Fullstack Developer developed a customized application for non-life insurance customers. They used technologies like C#, Angular, containerization, and Microsoft Azure cloud services, and collaborated with the Big Data team for data insights.

– The project aimed to streamline license management and develop an app for non-life insurance.

– In the end, we were able to increase transparency and accountability in license management, leading to better utilization and cost savings.

– Prime Engineering Poland delivered robust, scalable, and customer-centric software solutions tailored to the client’s needs using C# and Angular.

– The project led to significant improvements in software asset management and application development practices.

– Prime Engineering Poland reinforced its commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and operational efficiency in the non-life insurance sector.

Project Overview

The client embarked on a comprehensive project aimed at improving its software asset management (SAM) practices and enhancing its application development capabilities. With this necessity, they partner with Prime Engineering Poland to develop an innovative solution. The project, spanning over a year, involved the collaboration of two key consultants: a Software Asset Manager and a Fullstack Developer.

What is Software Asset Management?

Software asset management (SAM) is the process of managing software applications within an organization. This includes acquiring, using, and disposing of software. SAM involves implementing procedures to ensure software is effectively utilized and maintained. It also involves monitoring software licenses and compliance within the organization.

The primary goals of Software Asset Managers are to ensure compliance with license agreements, reduce costs, and optimize software usage. It involves managing software assets, including licensing, deployment, and maintenance, to ensure that software is used efficiently and effectively while minimizing legal risks and costs.

How is SAM valuable for the Insurance Sector?

Software Asset Management is valuable for the insurance sector in several ways. By implementing SAM, insurance companies can improve their overall efficiency. Moreover, they can reduce costs, and enhance security. Ultimately, this leads to better financial performance and a competitive edge in the market.

1. Cost Savings: SAM helps insurance companies optimize their software licenses and subscriptions, avoiding unnecessary purchases and reducing overspending on software. This can lead to significant cost savings and more efficient resource allocation.

2. Risk Mitigation: SAM ensures that insurance companies remain compliant with software licensing agreements and regulatory requirements. This mitigates the risk of audits, penalties, and legal issues associated with non-compliance.

3. Improved Efficiency: SAM streamlines software procurement, deployment, and management processes. This reduces administrative overhead and minimizes the time and effort required to manage software assets. Thus, allowing insurance companies to focus on more strategic activities and initiatives.

4. Enhanced Security: SAM helps insurance companies identify and mitigate security risks associated with outdated or unpatched software. This ensures that software is always kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. Thus, protecting the organization against vulnerabilities.

5. Strategic Decision-Making: SAM provides insights into software usage, costs, and performance. This enables insurance companies to make informed decisions about software investments, renewals, and optimization strategies. This ensures that software investments align with business priorities.

6. Better IT Asset Utilization: SAM helps insurance companies maximize the utilization of their IT assets, ensuring that the right software is deployed to the right users and that there is no unnecessary duplication of effort or resources.

Consultants’ Roles and Tasks

Prime Engineering counted on two IT professionals within the client’s organization. Albeit, the two consultants did not integrate the same projectds. One of these consultants is a Software Asset Manager, the other a Fullstack Developer, working on the development of a tailored application.

The Software Asset Manager was responsible for organizing the license management area, establishing comnunication channels with vendors and users, and implementing Software Asset Management protocols.

The Fullstack Developer was engaged in an application development project. This project was tailored to meet the needs of individual customers in the non-life insurance sector. Technologies employed included C#, Angular, containerization, and integration with Microsoft Azure cloud services. Additionally, collaboration with the Big Data team was essential for data-driven insights.

General Project Context

The project aimed to address two primary objectives indentified by the insurance company. On the one hand, streamlining license management, and on the other, developing an app for non-life insurance.

Software Asset Management (SAM) Implementation: This involved streamlining license management processes. Moreover, the project aimed to foster efficient communication with vendors and users. This was done by instituting software asset management protocols to ensure compliance and cost optimization.

Application Development for Non-Life Insurance: This involved developing bespoke software solutions using modern technologies like C# and Angular. They did so with a focus on containerization for scalability and integration with Microsoft Azure cloud for robustness and flexibility.

Throughout the project duration, the consultants provided ongoing support to the customer, ensuring smooth implementation of SAM protocols and seamless development and integration of application solutions.

Main Achievements

Structured License Management Process: The implementation of SAM brought about a structured approach to license management, significantly improving transparency and accountability. Clear communication channels were established with vendors and users, leading to better license utilization and cost savings.

Development of Pro-Client Systems: The Fullstack Developer successfully delivered customized software solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the client’s customers in the non-life insurance sector. By leveraging technologies like C# and Angular, along with containerization and cloud integration, the developed systems were robust, scalable, and customer-centric.

Key Success Factors

Several factors contributed to the success of the project:

Collaborative Approach: Close collaboration between the consultants, the client’s internal teams, and external vendors facilitated effective problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

Technological Expertise: The consultants’ deep understanding of SAM protocols, application development technologies, and cloud infrastructure played a pivotal role in delivering efficient and innovative solutions.

Customer-Centric Focus: The development of pro-client systems underscored Prime Engineering Poland’s commitment to meeting customer needs and enhancing user experience.


The collaborative efforts of Prime Engineering Poland’s consultants and the client’s team have resulted in significant improvements in software asset management and application development practices. By implementing SAM protocols, structuring license management processes, and delivering bespoke software solutions, Prime Engineering Poland has reinforced its commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and operational efficiency in the non-life insurance sector.

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