Training at Prime Group: A year in review

Training is seen by Prime Group as a strategy for the development of the business and for the individual’s career development and growth.


December 16, 2021

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training at prime group

More than 1500 hours of training delivered to our Business teams across Europe: 2021 numbers speak for themselves.

Training is seen by Prime Group as a strategy for the development of the business and for the individual’s career development and growth. Working on a wide range of areas and training contents, the Prime Group’s Learning and Development team invests in preparing people for the main challenges inherent to the job’s role, answering to training and development needs in each of the steps of the Business Manager lifecycle and IT Recruiter regarding with Business, Soft and Technical skills.

For Prime Group, business growth and people’s success are inseparable from updating knowledge and strengthening the skills of all employees, with training and other development programs assuming a prominent place on the stage of the Group’s strategy.

From assessing training needs, to training’s planning, execution and evaluation, Prime Group has been programming the entire training cycle from scratch, organically and strategically with business teams in different geographies, responding to the needs of the present and seeking to foresee future challenges.

Several contents have been developed within the Learning and Development (L&D) area, among which training modules about negotiation, conducting business meetings, as well as programs aimed at the development of leadership and emotional intelligence skills.

The existence of a clear purpose and an aligned vision in the L&D team, the passion for developing people and for the challenges of the sector, the constant care by active listening to the business teams, and the complementarity of skills from different trainers are some of the factors that are on the basis of a higher and consistent quality while delivering training.

What can Business Managers and IT Recruiters expect from the training offer?

With an integrated approach about development and training programs, which combine structured training for groups of people within a classroom targeted by functional categories, with individual coaching, the organic creation of workshops tailored to the emerging needs of teams and/or companies, Prime Group has been presented a consultative approach in the way has been reading the training and development needs of its internal customers and in the way it materializes new pedagogical approaches and solutions, positioning itself as a true strategic partner for clients.

Since the first weeks of Business Manager and IT Recruiters’ onboarding, the L&D team participates in the training and monitoring of the teams. The preparation for the immersion in a dynamic and competitive business, through a training offer polarized in the technical and business aspects, which includes tools applied to the employee’s career stage, and which invests in a pedagogical methodology with a strong practical component, are the “must have” of the main approach in the L&D area. In this sense, in an integration phase, Managers and IT Recruiters are prepared to assume the role, through training modules that explore the business and recruitment processes, to later on develop skills that allow them to continue to evolve in a management and a leadership roles. Examples of training modules include Communication with different key stakeholders for the business, Organizing and Conducting Prospecting Meetings, Conducting Interviews, Managing Consultants, and Coaching Managers. Several workshops have been developed, namely in the area of ​​Time Management and Emotional Intelligence, as well as hybrid Development Programs, with classroom and individual components, such as the Leadership Program.

What challenges has the L&D area been facing during 2021?

During the covid pandemic, trainers and coaches have been reinventing themselves in order to respond to the Group’s training needs, and to keep up with the accelerated pace of growth of companies in different geographies. Flexibility and adaptability have guided the daily work of the L&D team, which have always found alternative and creative ways to guarantee a closed and humanized training experience, in a virtual and remote training context.

Assessing the effectiveness of training through the consistent transfer of learning to practice has implied, in some cases, close monitoring of the business teams, so the L&D area have been also investing in mentoring ob the field and follow-up projects. More than shared knowledge, the materialization and impact of this knowledge sharing is what really matters and adds value to companies and businesses. We live in a world where it is no longer enough to pass on knowledge and information. It is necessary to follow up to make an impact! And this is one of the biggest challenges that the L&D team will continue to respond to, today and tomorrow.

2021 has been a year of adjustments, of adaptation. The L&D team has been put to the test as few times – if ever – it has been in the past. Side-by-side with the top managements, different paths have been opened up and different scenarios have been explored with regard to the experimentation of new development programs, facing “mistakes” and “risks” as fundamental starting points for reaching the next level, in a solid and impactful way.

With a new year approaching, and with the Group’s continuous expansion into new geographies and markets, new challenges for the L&D area are foreseen.

We are prepared to continue taking risks together with our people. Looking forward to 2022.

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