The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

How to work while travelling.


July 22, 2021

3 minutes read

digital nomad lifestyle

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A Digital Nomad lifestyle has become increasingly attractive, especially when we come across major offers regarding remote work. This enables more people to work while travelling around the world. But a digital nomad is more than this. It’s also someone who seeks the perfect work-life balance.

In this episode of Remotely Speaking (R.S.), we talked about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: the challenges, the benefits, the cons, some tips of advice for those who are preparing to start working while travelling.

As our guest, we had Diogo R. Cunha (D.C.), who has been a Digital Nomad for over a decade now. He has already launched a platform  as a way to build a digital nomad community and share experiences.


R.S. –  Diogo, tell us what are the pros and cons of a Digital Nomad lifestyle?

D.C. – The good thing about being a digital nomad is that you can work wherever or whenever you want, and that can help boost your creativity. You can also choose a city or an environment according to your needs or project demands and expectations. Different cities can help us to achieve different results. It all depends on our state of mind. The other side of being a digital nomad is that this lifestyle can bring a feeling of loneliness. The “Nómada Digital” platform was developed to create a sense of community and belonging amongst digital nomads.

R.S. –  What drives you the most as a Digital Nomad?

D.C. –  The Freedom. The ability of being the owner of my own schedule. This has become more important than simply switching places and moving from one city to another. Being a digital nomad gives you the possibility of seeing and experience different cultures and beautiful places. But, to go where you want and whenever you want, that is true freedom.

R.S. –  Which professions fit the best into the Digital Nomad lifestyle?

D.C.: IT, Tech and Marketing. It’s, in fact, easier for online professionals to transform and adapt their work to this lifestyle. But, if we think about this at a deeper level, we can realize that even the most traditional professions can adapt to new trends and transform themselves by creating new types of services through the internet and establishing their businesses online. It can be a matter of branding. Perfect branding is able to sell anything.

R.S. –  Is it really possible to work from anywhere?

D.C. –  Yes! You just have to make sure that you have a fast internet connection. A good and reliable internet connection is the key for a Digital Nomad!

digital nomad lifestyle

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