Prime Group's Year in Retrospect

As we bid farewell to 2023, we take pride in sharing the milestones that have shaped our journey.


January 10, 2024

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Prime Group expansion

We step into 2024 with the motto we have always stressed before – Innovation First. People before that.

Prime Group has been on a 17 year long journey of digital transformation and engineering innovation. The past year presented astonishing challenges for technology companies around the world. As the world settles into the new reality of life post-pandemic and our new experiences become the norm, digital transformation and emerging trends in engineering are at the forefront of it all, making sure we settle in the right place.

As a group of technological and engineering consulting, we felt these changes within our own house. Our investment on engineering services, as well as on nearshore and offshore offers came from the sense of urgency to stay adaptable and responsive to the market’s needs. For us, this year was marked by remarkable achievements, possible due to the dedication of our teams.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we take pride in sharing the milestones that have shaped our journey. The collective efforts of our dedicated team have propelled us to new heights, and as we stand on the threshold of 2024, the path ahead is filled with promise and opportunity.

Taking 2023 into retrospective, we have to highlight three core aspects that got us through the year: our people, their commitment to excellence, and our motivation for expansion. A token of the relevance of our teams and the people that compose them are the awards two of our companies acquired, named Best Workplace in 2023.

Our teams have grown considerably in the past year. We now stand united with over 3100 talented individuals, each contributing to the success and vibrancy of our organization. Our professionals are committed to excellence, and that has been shown through our financial achievement, with a billing volume exceeding 170 million Euros. This financial success is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our entire team.

Even so, perhaps the biggest testament to the hard work our professionals is our commitment to international presence materialized with the establishment of new offices in Milan, Italy, and Tours, France. This strategic expansion reinforced our standing as a global IT & Engineering consultancy.

With the opening of new locations, it felt only right to keep betting on the ones we already operated in. The Spanish market was one of great importance during the last year, given its culture of innovation in the technological area, as well as in engineering settings. Our continuous presence in international markets was not only felt locally in Portugal, Poland, in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Italy, France, and Switzerland, but in many other corners of the world through our nearshore and offshore services.

We step into 2024 with the motto we have always stressed before – Innovation First. People before that. Our most valuable asset is our people. We are investing in out people, recognizing our people and committing to continuous learning, skill development, and employee well-being. By empowering each individual, we fortify the collective strength of our organization.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our achievements. In 2024 we hope to foster even stronger bonds within teams and across departments to enhance collaboration—the cornerstone of our success. And, above all, we are dedicated to ensuring our dedication to delivering value, understanding unique client needs, and surpassing expectations, as our success is intricately tied to the success of our clients.

We anticipate further expansion, with our forecast for 2024 projecting a team of over 3400 professionals. This growth is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and our mission to provide unparalleled services.

Our forecast is that the financial trajectory will continue to ascend, with a forecasted billing volume surpassing 200 million Euros in 2024. This outlook underscores our resilience and ability to navigate dynamic markets.

Furthermore, we are looking at opening new offices. Our strategic initiatives for 2024 include new offices in our current markets, namely with the opening of a new operation of offices in Poland. This venture aligns with our vision of broadening our global footprint. Our nearshore and offshore offers with hopefully continue to thrive, as well as our local presence in our current markets.

In 2024, we hold the key to unlocking new possibilities, achieving remarkable milestones, and reinforcing our position as an International IT & Engineering consultancy group. Together, let’s make this year a testament to our collective capabilities and unwavering commitment to excellence.



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