Innovation in the Public Sector

Innovation in the public sector has the power to reshape and improve customers daily lives.


July 29, 2021

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Innovation in the public sector

Digital transformation in the public sector undoubtedly contributes to a reinforcement of the value of the public service, especially if it is done with greater quality and efficiency.

Public Sectors, across the globe, are implementing operational changes towards achieving innovation and digital transformation as a way to meet citizens expectations and becoming more cost-efficient and productive. In fact, innovation in the public sector has the power to reshape and improve customers daily lives and redefine the communication and engagement between governments and citizens by making it more agile and efficient while democratizing the access to public info.

Innovation in the public sector can also act as a driver to more efficient and cost-effective public departments and services by transforming government’s operating systems and models through cutting edge technologies. This being said, new paradigms should arise from this technological shift. Innovation in the public sector should transform the services through a more disruptive, flexible, risky and agile approach.

Public services act as true agents of change and innovation, subsequently inspiring other sectors. Offering a better service means offering it faster, cheaper and with greater quality.

Innovation in the public sector can take place in several layers. In the delivery and conceptualization of the public service, in the user experience and even through the chosen technological platforms.

Digital transformation in the public sector undoubtedly contributes to a reinforcement of the value of the public service, especially if it is done with greater quality and efficiency.

Innovation in the public sector must be supported by innovation at the platform interface level and paradigm shifts regarding the organization of departments, employee training and citizen involvement.

The use of technology and the increasing digitization of services seems to have become one of the main dynamic forces with regard to the provision of services to citizens, thus acting as a real engine for change. Indeed, governments are faced with increasing pressure from citizens for public services to become more flexible, digital and sophisticated.

Which steps should governments take to achieve a high level of innovation?

• Must be committed to enhance digital transformation across all its public services.

• Improve and learn from technological partnerships.

• Encourage digital literacy across citizens and public sector employees.

• Equip the public sector departments with technological equipment.

Digital Literacy as one of the pillars for Public Sector innovation success

Digital literacy plays an important role when we think about the public sector’s success in these digital times. In fact, the lack of digital skills can limit the citizens’ access to public sectors and relevant info. So, it’s absolutely necessary for governments to improve digital literacy not only among citizens but also in their workforce as a way to achieve a successful and innovative transformation. In fact, the public workforce’s digital skills should be at pace with digital transformation requirements and evolution.

Digital literacy should benefit from a broad and global strategy that is able to ensure that all the society is well equipped with the necessary digital skills as a way to thrive in these new innovative and disruptive times.

Technology trends to enhance innovation in the Public Sector

• Automation

Automation enables public organizations to take well informed decisions that can impact positively upon citizens daily lives.

• User experience

Citizens demand better digital experiences and more inclusive public services based on accessibility.

• Cloud

Governments will rely on cloud solutions as a way to increase flexibility and enhance collaboration between departments while simplifying and automating actions.

• AI and Data

Public services face a huge amount of data. So, improving AI and Data analytics can be a successful way for governments to improve decision making and boost productivity across departments.

Prime Group experience in the public sector digital transformation

Prime Group has 14 years of experience in adding value to public organizations and guiding them all the way through a successful and innovative digital transformation approach. Our team of more than 200 experts is ready to support institutions to enhance strategic solutions and accelerate technical and innovative implementations from healthcare to learning, safety, energy and infrastructures.

We have been investing in building a team completely dedicated to the Public Sector Innovation contributing with all the know-how in its areas of performance: Consulting, Nearshore, Managed Services and Solutions.

By supporting organizations and digital transformation processes, Prime Group can enhance innovation and execute action plans that can help governments and public services to deliver better citizens’ experience.

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