Prime Group University

Prime Group is the ideal ecosystem for those who love new and exciting challenges.

We believe this is the perfect environment for our team members to acquire new skills and evolve in their careers.

The Prime Group University was designed to enhance talent through the development of specific competences.

Training at Prime Group

What is the purpose of the Prime Group University?

Development of specific skills ↘

The Prime Group University aims to train different Group companies in their business areas, thinking about the development and training of Business Managers and Recruiters in a strategic and continuous way.

Based on listening to the needs of our team, the Prime Group University presents a value proposal aligned with the needs of our professionals.

Our offer includes different lines of intervention, ranging from face-to-face training in business, technical and behavioral issues, to accompanied training and coaching managers, in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to practice.

We also guarantee a high flexibility and agility in our training and development offer, for a quick adaptation to the needs of the Group and continuous monitoring of its organic growth.

The University was designed to support organizational transformation through the development of specific skills.

The Prime Group University includes a set of training and professional development programs, in order to train Business Managers and Recruiters in their business areas. In fact, one of the Prime Group university goals is to train the participants in new business thinking while improving their collaborative capabilities.

Prime Group University Roadmap ↘

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Advanced Programs

Training offer with content designed by seniority

Taylor-Made Training Programs

Training actions designed according to emerging needs
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Innovation shots!

Workshops aimed towards innovative development
training at prime group

Coaching Sessions

Follow-up and coaching sessions focused on people and business development
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