Prime Engineering Poland

Prime Engineering PL provides Consultancy, Turn-key Projects, Project Management and Nearshoring services.

katowice office Prime Engineering Poland

Prime Engineering Poland operates in 5 main sectors: IT, Telecom, Energy, Infrastructures and Digital Marketing.

Prime Engineering Poland is a European company specialized in IT Consulting, Nearshore and Solutions.

All the processes are addressed with the utmost transparency and responsibility across several areas of activity: IT, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Energy, and Infrastructures.

Prime Engineering Poland grants solutions in the IT consulting field and has teams of experts in Development, Business Intelligence, Middleware, CRM, Infrastructures and ERP.

In Digital Marketing, the company manages to implement the best solutions for each project goal: Web & Applications, SEO/SEM, E-commerce, Content Marketing and CRM.

If you’re looking for a  Nearshore partner in Poland, Prime Engineering Poland can be the perfect fit. With experience and in-depth knowledge on an international level across different sectors, the company has a Centre of Competence ready to boost businesses success.

Has the support of more than 15 years of experience, allowing the company to hold the best solutions.

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